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Summer Specials 2023

OK y'all. So as many of you know I am a homeschooling mom and I have to say I love homeschooling my son! Well with that said, it's that time of year for me to start purchasing his curriculum so I am opening up some summer specials to help raise the money needed.

There are 3 specials and you do not need to hold the session now. You will receive a certificate for the session and you can book it whenever you wish. Book now or save it for fall or Christmas, it's all up to you! These are great for family sessions or yearly children's portraits and can be held on-location or in-studioThe Summer specials are some of our best deals of the year and range from $99-$225. Don't miss out! **This special also applies to my Clarksville, Tn clients and friends as well!!!


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