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Santa Is Coming To The Studio!!

I am so excited! These are some of my most favorite sessions of the entire year! I just love doing Santa & Me Sessions! It is so much fun for the kids and such a magical experience. It all starts with your child receiving a personal letter in the mail from Santa. Then the anticipation grows as picture day arrives! Santa will interact with your kids, read them stories and play with them. Then after their time with Santa they can enjoy our milk & cookie bar before they leave (please let me know of any allergies so I can provide safe alternatives). I love watching the kids eyes light up as they enter the studio and meet Santa.

We have an amazing Santa this year which I feel will become our regular Santa every year. You can check out his promo pictures at the end of this post!

Santa will be joining us this year on Nov 19th and if that date fills up we will add more. The sitting fee is only $30 and due at the time of booking to reserve your spot. The sitting fee helps to pay for Santa. On the actual picture day you will have 2 packages to choose from (You will have the option to prepay for a package when you book but it is not required to book. Only the sitting fee). I will post the packages below at the end of this post.

I look forward to seeing you and your kids at our Santa & Me Sessions this year! Please email or call with any questions.

...And here is our Santa!

**Please note, these are not my pictures. These are pictures Santa has sent me to use. Let me know if you know the photographers so I can properly credit them**


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