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Moms Need Pictures Too | Owensboro, Ky Family Photographer

I know as a mom myself I don't get in the picture enough. As with a lot of moms, I seem to always be the one taking the pictures. Whether with a camera or my cell, I try to record moments and document special times in my family's lives. I record my kids growing up and playing or even just exploring something new. But one thing I do is fail to get in the picture sometimes.

Momma, you play such an important part of your family's life and there needs to be document of you also. Your family will want those images one day. You kids will grow up and look back at their childhood and a big part of their memories will be triggered from those pictures they scroll through. Your kids will want to remember what you looked like, and more importantly, how much you loved them and how you took time to be with them, play with them and enjoy all those moments with them that you are so eager to record. You are a big part of each of those memories and you deserve to be in the picture too.

This mommy and me session reminded me to remember to stop and take some time to enjoy my kids and enjoy the moments while they are here. They grow up so fast. Enjoy them while they are young and never take the small moments for granted.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

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