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Homeschool Picture Days are coming!

It is time for our annual Homeschool picture days!

Spring Homeschool Picture days are:

March 11 & 13, 2023.

There is nothing like the tradition of school pictures. No matter how good or bad they turn out, us moms just love getting those school pictures. They signify a milestone in our children's growth and life. We just love to look back and see each year's image. Looking at that picture brings back so many memories. When Sally got her braces, the year Little Joey broke his arm riding his bike right before picture day, that awkward year when puberty hit...

As a homeschooling momma myself, I missed having a nice, professional pictures taken of my kids each school year. I know my kids are growing and changing so fast and soon These years will have flown by and I want to document how my kids have grown and changed each year.

As a professional photographer I can take them myself but not every one has that option. I wanted to provide some nice and affordable school picture options for other homeschooling families.

I offer these picture days every Spring and Fall for other homeschool families in my studio. Packages start at $30 with discounts for multiple package purchases/siblings.

Here are some of our faves from last Spring:


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