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A Beautiful Gift | Maternity Pregnancy Photography | Owensboro Maternity Photographer | Owensboro |

A baby is such a blessing. I absolutely loved this maternity session. Not just because this was my gorgeous step daughter, but because I love photographing new moms expecting their first baby.

There is so much going through your mind as a first time expectant mom. You are excited, yet nervous at the same time. You are ready to get pregnancy done with and have your baby in your arms but you are also hesitant to have to go through labor. You have heard stories from other moms and although you have a good idea what giving birth is going to be like, you also have no idea what to expect at the same time.

I love seeing first time expecting moms as they

await baby's arrival, and then to see them after baby has finally come. The change in their eyes, the wisdom gained and the love a peace they have...even through the lost sleep. To hold that baby in your arms for the first time and know that this little beautiful, amazing creation is just an indescribable moment. Baby Liam will soon be making his appearance and the world will be a little more blessed because he is here.

A few faves from this maternity session:

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