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So you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Legacy Portrait Design? There are lots of great benefits to being a Legacy Ambassador. 

What is a brand ambassador?

A Legacy Ambassador is someone who represents me, my studio and what it stands for. Essentially, my ambassadors are the faces of Legacy Portrait Design. They believe in me, what I do and support me and my studio by telling others about me, sharing on social media and providing reviews and input into the brand and new products. In return my ambassadors get lots of great perks and rewards such as free merch, free pictures, commission on referrals and more!!

What is a required?

As a brand ambassador, you will get to be in several photo shoots throughout the year and you get rewards for sharing your images, studio social media content and some other stuff to help me get the word out!


  • Share your session images/videos across your personal social media platforms and tag Legacy Portrait Design

  • Take pictures and/or videos/reels/tiktoks of behind the scenes, the sessions, etc to post & share

  • Recommending us to those who ask in person, on social media, in online groups, etc.

  • Responding & interacting with my posts on social media sites to create engagement

  • Invite friends to like my Facebook page

  • Provide testimonials for marketing use

  • Provide input on new products and brand

What do I get out of it?

Brand ambassadors get some really great perks!!

  • Free digital images from your photo sessions

  • 10-20% commission on referrals

  • Priority booking for mini sessions & full sessions outside of your ambassador sessions

  • Sneak peeks of new products

  • Special ambassador discount on other sessions/products

  • Ambassador kit:

    • Legacy t-shirt​

    • Legacy water bottle

    • Legacy sweatshirt or hoodie

    • Personal referral cards

    • Samples of new products if available

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